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What we want:

The Nordic Trombone Quartet wants to create space for trombone quartet in serious art scenes.
With a goal of developing the repertoire in collaborations with young Nordic artists, composers and other creative professionals.

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About us

As a professional ensemble based in Oslo, Norway, The Nordic Trombone Quartet have already put their mark on the International and Nordic music scene as an upcoming and unique ensemble.

Starting of as a student ensemble at the Norwegian Academy of Music they quickly realized their potential after being co-winners in the International Trombone Association (ITA) Quartet competition in 2020. They currently study a chamber music master's degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music and is part of the prestigious European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA).

They have worked on several new music projects with new Nordic composers such as Nino Håkansson, Hermod Ringset Bentsen, Jón Arnar Einarsson and Thordur Hallgrímsson. Premiering the new pieces on festivals such as the esteemed contemporary music festival Ultima 2020, Grieg in Bergen Festival 2022 and Oslo festival Re;Skissert 2022.

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The NTQ's members are:

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From Bø, a small town in Norway, Runa displays the highest level of musicianship. She is an entrepreneur in thinking and always wants to stretch what is possible on stage. She has recorded and played new music with numerous ensembles and is a regular in the main orchestras in Norway.

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Half-Swedish, half-Danish, William has no problem playing different roles in the ensemble and in life. His broad musical reach and knowledge makes him irreplaceable and sought after as a chamber musician.

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Coming from Stockholm, Sweden, Jakob has an unmatched drive for excellency. He will always strive for the best, on and off the stage, and his expertise has made him a popular session player in the main orchestras of Norway and Sweden.

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From Reykjavík, Iceland, Jón is not afraid of being seen. With a playful style, and background in acting and singing, along with trombone playing, he often challenges the traditions of chamber music and has earned a reputation as a showman on and off stage, playing solos with ensembles and orchestras.

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